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Friday, November 12, 2010



Winner of the 2010 Jack Baron Recognition Award (from the Anne McKee Artists Fund of the Florida Keys), Rosanne Potter, will have her first one-woman show at Stone Soup Gallery, 802 White Street, opening on November 18th (for November’s “Walk on White”) and continuing until December 6th.

She will be showing fifteen works from her series of Figures Emerging. Although she also does portraits and landscapes, this show will focus on abstractions that arise from the mixing of primary colors and end in metaphorical figures. In the works she has chosen for this show, she demonstrates techniques for handling color and media which she learned from Joe Loeber, her teacher for almost ten years. She has donated paintings to Anne McKee auctions for the past three years, so Potter’s work is owned by a number of Key West collectors. She is here, for the first time, placing a large body of her work before the public.

This show favors various shades of orange (almost gold to shades of brass to citrus) and blues (from aquamarine to cobalt to cerulean). Potter works in oils, acrylics, and watercolors, though most of the major works in this show are oils. Alongside the larger works, she will also present a series of works on paper.

The variety of her work reflects the many techniques that she has learned by intense study with Joachim Löber (Loeber), known in Key West, and elsewhere, as the last surviving German expressionist painter. Joe links back to Edvard Munch and Paul Klee and connects his students with the painters he grew up on: the group that called itself The Blue Rider (Der Blaue Reiter) in the Germany of the teens and ‘20s.

She reports that these works emerge from her right brain, so she believes that they will connect with those who are interested in art that induces meditation. You can’t simply dismiss them as “one of those (fill in the blanks -- "Key West houses, beach scenes, boats at anchor, etc.”). Each work is an individual creation and one that will let the viewer make it his (or her) own. Potter rarely imposes a reading on the images; she leaves them open to others, as they were open to her when she painted them.

Also keep an eye out for our December "SMALL WORKS SHOW" which will feature a few small pieces that are affordably priced by our featured Artists this season and new Artists that we are bringing into the gallery.

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